Red high heels for the dark skin colored latina are perfect fetish decoration

Samira Ferraz. A Brazilian cutie, who was took to reality kings to made a great porn video. This is a hot brown colored girl with natural boobs, beautiful nipples and shaved muff. That guy who is an actor playing a character Mike in Brazil, had to put a condom on, don’t know if they have tested themselves for AIDS. Or they simply prefer to have sex with some girls more often with condoms sticked on their cocks. Another logical reason for having a condom when you’re fucking a latin girl, maybe some African style appearance could be because he was having an anal sex. You know, some people can’t live without anal sex, some don’t accept it at all. Some try to put condoms because they feel more hygienic that way. No matter what kind of person you are, this Latin beauty certainly proved that she is a wild bitch who loves to have anal sex with Latin boys. She has some pretty hot red high heels on her feet, to make the fetish atmosphere even more erotic, as well as sexual emotions while having a pleasant hardcore action.

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